Practice monitoring and analysis of team and personal working hours with Gauzy Platform

Timesheets have been used to prove that people have done their work. It involves taking different actions, such as calculating employee payroll or invoicing the clients based on time records in the timesheets related to the appropriate projects.


Track units of work on tasks & projects

Using a platform where you can also plan and organize your timelines and schedules will give you an additional value in comparing the planned working hours and time estimates with the actual utilization and the total sum of all time records across all projects.


Helps to Reduce time wastage

Timesheets help you understand where you are wasting labor. They help weed out tasks that take longer than necessary, and assist you in making decisions as to how you can optimize your tasks.

Timesheets for Management accounting

Timesheets are a valuable tool in management accounting. They help managers to record start and end times for tasks. This is handy when managers need to know which tasks take up more time and identify areas that delay completion of work.


Helps to Improve Project management

By analyzing time usage, you can determine the skill of someone in a particular area and utilize them in parts of a project for which they're better suited.

Real-time monitoring

See how many hours the team/employee spent on a given task

Notify if there any overtime hours?

Know much money the project cost

Real-time monitoring allows you (to a varying degree) to see what your employees are working on at any given moment and, as a result, how efficiently they are spending their time and your money. The timesheet feature is amazing way to cope with everything that's going on, without interrupting the workflow of your team.


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