Gauzy will help you to improve employees productivity and get more done

Assess productivity, manage teams, and track projects. Determine how long tasks take to complete, and visualize your team’s workload.


Measure Productivity

Improve team productivity

Accurate Time Tracking

Activity Levels

Projects Statuses

Gauzy will help your team reach very high productivity levels. Stay ahead of bottlenecks or stalled projects.

Tasks Tracking

Assign and track tasks

Track overloads

Follow progress

Make changes on the go

Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports


Automated screenshots

See work in progress

Turn On or Off the screenshots feature

View employees activity levels

With the screenshots feature you will be able to capture work in progress, track activity levels and have a bird-eye-view of all projects.

Optimize Resources

Identify productivity trends

Record your progress

Motivate your team

Reach your goals

Elevate your team and your business by tracking and optimizing their productivity.


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