Manage your Online Payroll headache-free with Gauzy's built-in feature

Track work, pay teams and save time. Now it’s really easy to do these three things with Gauzy Platform. Just give it a try and reap the benefits.


Set Rates

Fixed or Hourly Rates

Set rates for each employee

Let Gauzy to the hard work and all the calculations for you

Automate Payments

Easily set pay rates for each team member so that payments are accurate and streamlined. Choose fixed or hourly rates, and Gauzy will calculate payments for time worked.


Set pay periods

Worked this week

General Overview

Filter Data

Export data

Send Payments

Automate Payments

Pay by PayPal

Pay by Payoneer

Pay by Paychex

Pay each team member for time tracked with Gauzy automatically using PayPal, Payoneer, Paychex.

Simple Bookkeeping

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

Details for each team member


3rd party integrations

Save time normally spent on manually adding entries and have confidence in accurate billable hours. Gauzy integrates with popular accounting solutions for smarter bookkeeping.


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