Gauzy vs. Todoist.
Let's compare the alternatives.

Gauzy is a great alternative to Todoist. Let's compare these apps side by
side and choose the alternative that fits your needs best.


Side by Side

Gauzy is an Open Business Management Platform (ERP/CRM) focused on Fairness and
Transparency for freelancers and modern agencies.

Gauzy Gauzy
Min. price of paid plan$5$3
Free version
Trial Version
Activity Tracking
Employees Management
Employees Monitoring
Online Timesheets
Productivity Management
Online Payroll
Task Management
Organization Management
Team Scheduling
Detailed Reporting
Project Budgeting
Sales Information
Clients Management

Note: please note that some of the features listed above are planned to be implemented
in the Gauzy Platform in the near future.

Why Gauzy?

Gauzy Platform includes multiple ERP/CRM features, usually available in the accounting, human resources, invoicing, time management and project management software

  • Open source

    Free to use and transparent on top of that.

  • White Label

    Use Gauzy for yourself or for clients of yours.

  • Community

    Great community and documentation.

  • Flexible

    Customize Gauzy, do it your way.

  • Quick Start

    Don't waste time on development.

Ready to give it a try?

Gauzy is a great alternative to Todoist. It will help
you and your team to stay on track.

Sneak Peak

Check out some amazing features and UI designs

Reverse Peak Sneak

Amazing features and UI designs Check out some


Gauzy provides simple and efficient time tracking that is customizable for each project. As a digital agency, we have to track each employee’s billable time and capture it on one invoice for each client. Gauzy makes this process very easy.